Homicide – From Ashes rise

A mere appandage flesh on the machine of iron
we dont need no more blueprint to rock the so-called revolution
whoever they vote for, we’re ungovernable
since the rebels themselves are so predictable
we be like the Ruckus Society engages in chains of alliance
or be like the Autonomedia cracking the fucking movement
or be like the affinity posse self-sustaining our world
passing the torch, spreading the words
that this New World Boredom is sloppy
we used to slang rocks to cops
we used to break down the Blocks
now we’re dismayed and get fucked over burn-out topics
we left the boombox disbanded
fuck the preaching-to-the-converted bullshit
now here’s the massage: rock harder, party harder
organize more allied fists and burn down them borders
kept my rhymes dissin and my cocktails swingin
keepin contradictions kickin outta hype they all believin’
I be swimmin at the beach beneath the paving stone
rock my way out like Cypress Hill in Skull N Bones
full scale battle, making my days of war and nights of love
cuz its not a party matter, givin this house of pain a mad-hatter
in the twilight of Asia the spectre still hauntin
demanding the impossible with my steady rockin
microphone that don’t answer to no state nor institution
cuz if I cant dance to it then its not my revolution
kept my rhymes dissin and my cocktails swingin
keepin the contradictions kickin outta hype they all believin’
track-bombin hiphop beyond the good and evil
cuz market be makin feeble MCs, the casualties of capital
never have them faiths for them heavens to come
insurrect total resistance like godless Taliban and Saddam
expect the blue collar then face your demise
spawned from the ashes, we shall arise

my homeboy rocking Xeroxs …Rise !!!
fighting Black Bloc in Genoa …Rise !!!
my brothers battling I.S.A in Malaysia …Rise !!!
all ya’ll D.I.Y militias …Rise !!!
Madd media guerillaz …Rise !!!
Food Not Bombs worldwide yo …Rise !!!
Every fighters all over Indonesia …Rise !!!
Rise !!!

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