Homicide – Altar Ruins

the medium cuddles ya with the imperial massage
mirror imaged a serious-head-concussioned god in the daily mirage
an extra-large style on top of triple-barrage
red coated fat-ass fillin’ chimneys with fudge
forget the grudge
got proletariat ambushed by television and booze
remain seated with a pedestrian chant about enjoying the boat cruise
9 to 5 lifestyle accustomized no customers curfew
commercial laughter stashed behind the scheme of a murderous issue
Smithian legacy addressed me as the 21st century’s heresy
switchin’ frequency at mono for maximum density air superiority
bullshitin’ off that Thatcherism, got institution evokin’ pysician
to bought-up techno-capital technicians
them devious-hearted will beat ya with a backward journey to the future
givin the reality a permanent neck-bite, providing a static legal adjustment
bumrushin’ Picassos for winter house improvement
like gasoline-cocktailin’ cop station as a weekend entertainment
MC’s strive for precision, but still caught-up within
24-7 latest version of billboards encirclement
a misleading paramount, praise the fuckin’ sermon
disciples of god re-write revelations with abundance of testosterone
even when McDonalds® restaurant occupies the lines of your Holy Quran
muthafucka still lack of skill in readin’ between the lines
I Downset my tools to speak no dead language
skilled to pay no altar bill, I rock more party than communist Mao doin’ damage /

I mosh ideas to the most lethal pit,
godspeed Hamlets who rockin with the black acid
snake spit venom at god and snitch
slit the throat of a king, i bleed my sickest blood
yer gutz rot and roll on white sheet
found guilty, passing guillotine
massive damage on masses
split the classes of dumb, deaf and blind elephants
makes illogic relevant to tha last caveman to hit the pavement
with eye-con, clandestine on basement
tounge-twistin the filthy, silly-slap tha poverty of your philoshophy
necronometry, bodycount your fuckin purity
discordance axis of praxis holocaust
revolt without a pause
lets make sure them fascist maggots pay the cost
the lost Necropolis projectiles, ruined altars, rotten carcass
the morbid flow on the higher Maracas
with the abandoned trusts plus abundance of lust
I.M.F meeting crushed for fair-trading guts for torches
smell the corpses, my graveyard discourses split wigs
like Moses split seas, burn the racists like the KKK burnt the crosses
posses Death like fuckin Napalm
call me the Master E.N.T of Ceremony be droppin bombs like Nam
consume amount of options and Pylox® toxins
they call me the Flow-letarian ambush ya Marxist doctrines
inverted infects shaping too complex a movement like
off-the-top Bergman ripped the Bolshevik-type project endorsement
i be god throwing bolts on the next phropecies coped
on the next national vote when the ballot taken with the chapped throats
buy or sell, fuck it – i shoplift some Orwells®
lets uplift some cartel activisms
call me Hakim Bey of the microphone-sufism
cuz your leftist-book selections only rock a pathetic insurrection
the plastic mass gone fascist, catacomb blaspheme
i found the passion in dancin’ over the tomb of Stalin

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